Need a New Website

Once you have your new website up and online with Organic Digital, the next step is to promote your website.  In a competitive environment where people are adding new websites by the thousand every day, standing out from the crowd is not simple.  So having a great, fully featured website is simply not enough when you are getting no traffic (visitors to your website).

Firstly, website promotion is categorized into online and offline  - online is using web methods and offline is having your web address and a compelling call to action on your vehicle, on business cards and actively promoting your website by face to face networking.  Organic Digital can help with ongoing support and assistance with online marketing.

Second, the fastest way to appear on page one of the search results is through paid search – or buying pay-per-click advertising through a search provider like Google.  However, this is expensive and beyond the scope of most small business as your paid account balance dwindles with every click from a visitor, whether they make a purchase or not.  At Newcastle Organic Digital, we focus on the organic search results (hence our name) and this is called the “real” results below the ads at the top of each search results page.

Search Engine Optimisation

Once you have your established website it is time to focus on the number of visitors to your site, and more importantly, converting these visitors into paying customers. 

There are several tried and tested methods of improving your page ranking for your carefully researched keywords, and consistent, thorough application of these methods will invariably result in an upward score on the rankings. 

But it is time consuming and fraught with the potential to actually harm your success - so a scatter-gun, fragmented approach might not be the best option.  Using the latest applied methods to drill down into the results for your own benefit is the most effective, proven technique.

Keywords For Your Business

At Newcastle Digital whilst we follow old formulas or service and communication, we aim to get your site right at the same time as reaching out and making sure that there is a concrete traffic and visitor plan.  That means getting quality inbound links using our years of experience as search engine optimisation specialists, and working with you to reveal what are the highest searched for but least competitive keywords for your particular niche.

Once we have found a few relatively achievable targets for your search results, we will work to reach the first page of Google for you, which might take a month or so, and then we branch out into the established more competitive keywords over the long term.  Whilst there is no hard and fast rule for getting this done, we typically get results in the more competitive keywords in search after say six to twelve months of dedicated work.