Christmas Hampers 2014

Way back in 1988, Hunter Valley Hampers started with Charity Christmas hampers for corporate and business to business gifts.

Christmas Gift Baskets

Since then, we have sold tens of thousands of hampers and our business enjoys an enviable reputation both in Australia and Overseas.  Each Christmas we ship gourmet hampers across Australia for delivery as Christmas presents, and it is a privilege we don't take lightly. 

We are still just as thrilled to receive an order for Christmas Gift baskets  in 2014 as we were back in 1988 - and we can proudly say we pay as much attention to detail and the little things that go into making your Christmas that bit extra special as we did back then.

Gourmet Hampers Australia

Just last year we celebrated our twenty fifth Christmas - and it has been an amazing journey watching the business evolve to the position it enjoys today.  From a hobby through a sheltered workshop and then back into our hands, Hunter Valley Hampers is an established authority brand when it comes to Christmas Hampers in Australia.

Hi, My name is Brendan and with my wife Kacy we own and operate Hunter Valley Christmas Hampers from the Hunter Valley wine country in New South Wales.  We'd love the opportunity to share with you and your colleagues, workmates and staff the delights that the Hunter Valley has on offer.  But first, I'd like to share with you three things that we offer that you might not find anywhere else when you are looking to buy Christmas hampers in 2014.

1- Handmade to Order

Every single gift basket and hamper we sell each Christmas is hand assembled to order.  We work along the lines of a restaurant - where once you place your order we get to work making your hampers exactly as specified - so if you want your steak medium rare - or in our case with the hampers you want a particular relish in place of the balsamic - it's not a problem to replace the product as we put it together. 

It's something that might make it take a bit longer to make - but we know you appreciate the attention to detail and personal service that goes into every single hamper we make.  (You won't see this at the bigger, corporate hamper businesses, where the pre-made hampers have often been sitting ready for shipping for months.)

2- We're Here for You

Here's how it works - if you pick up the phone right now and dial 1300 284 684 - guess what - you'll talk direct to either myself or Kacy, my wife.  Just like that!  We don't have layers of admin  stopping your call - so you can talk direct with the business owner to get exactly what you want!  Try it right now - see for yourself!

3 - Local and Regional and Australian Made

Since way back we have had a strong preference for supporting local independent businesses - just like ourselves.  You won't find ordinary, supermarket stuff in our hampers!  It such a massive point of difference - like who would really want some crackers you can buy at Coles in a Christmas Hamper? 

I remember talking about this with a customer and the customer said something like - "So you're going to put a packet of biscuits in the hamper and then ship it halfway across Australia - only for me to open it and see a product I can go buy myself down at the local shops?" It just doesn't make sense! 

Keep this in mind when you are looking at our competition out there - you'll notice decided plain bottles of plonk you probably wouldn't want to even cook with - let alone share with your valued friends at Christmas!  It's all about getting the moment right and making an impression of quality, abundance and

4 - Here's the final point - and the most important one

Ever since the beginning a hamper has been a symbol of plenty, of abundance and of sharing.  It just doesn't make sense that you can get a hamper for say, under $100 and adequately convey that feeling of generosity and giving when you are looking at such a low price-point.  It just doesn't make the hamper look good - it does it a real disservice to be seen as something budget and affordable. 

In the olden days a hamper was a big hulking thing crammed to bursting with all sorts of condiments and treats and food - and that is the very nature of what we are trying to share with you at Hunter Valley Hampers.

So here's to a Merry Christmas and making a meaningful and generous impression with your recipients.  And from all of us at Hunter Valley Hampers - the makers, the artisans, the handmade, the providores - please enjoy our products and all the best for the season and the New Year.!!