Meaningful Mindfulness Newcastle

Moonlight Mindfulness your opportunity to relax, be yourself and experience the calm and stillness of mindfulness with Bren Murphy from MindBodyCalm - Mindfulness Newcastle.

At King Edward Park, 13 March from 6pm - at the top of King Edward Park.  Seated on the very top of the lookout, you get to experience the full scope of the horizon - which is perfect positioning for the end of the mindfulness experience where the moon appears to emerge from the ocean.

This moon cycle is based on the polarities of black and white - work versus play - helpful versus unhelpful thoughts.  We have been trained to see things as opposites and in conflict with each other - as though the world is a confrontational place where opposites are adversaries.  but this in fact is not true.

It's more likely that the whole universe is part of a unified whole - resembling a circle or spectrum - so that the more extreme the opposites, the more similar they become.

Join me, Bren Murphy on a journey into mindfulness and explore what might be your first Full Moon event - Moonlight Mindfulness.

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