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Newcastle's Finest Handmade Artisans

Here are some recednt interviews we have sourced from local Newcastle business people who choose to sell their handmade and artisan products at the local markets as a stallholder.  You will be both surprised and delighted to hear their stories so generously shared here for your enjoyment.

Blackbird Artisan Sourdough

Meeting handmade artisans if never dull – and Carolyn’s enthusiasm for her product, and the handmade process is obvious – but most importantly perhaps is her overall vision of connection.  Carolyn shared the whole handmade story of her bakery and how she uses local products and freshness is a priority – but the conversation led to a deeper feeling for connection.  A connection between the end consumer and the handmade producer that has been lost by the multi-layered corporate food industry, where reducing costs is the overarching determinant above everything else.
 You can read the full story at Australia's Home of Handmade Artisans for complete information.

The Little Red

 A delightful interview to see first hand how the balance between working for yourself and starting a new family always means you will be productive creatively.
In a previous life, Kristie managed a restaurant in the vineyards region, so when her now 2 year old came along, so began the genesis of The Little Red.   Though still working a couple of days a week, Kristy is trying to manage a transition across to doing her passion fulltime.  She loves being able to do her handmade work at night, or during the day and is grateful for the child friendly work/life balance, without being overly dependent on outside support or childcare.
 You're welcome to read more stories and of course share your comments online at find handmade.

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