internal pages and deep links

Promoting Internal Pages and Deep Links

A well designed home page of your website should intuitively lead visitors towards where they want to go within the site.  Over time, visitors will prefer certain internal pages to others, with the dominant deep links becoming search result worthy standalone.  This is where the internal pages of your site also become destinations in their own right. 

Give Visitors what they expect - to drill down into the content to find sub-niches, topics of interest and other relevant content that is worth investigating – including outbound links to authority sites.
By spending your limited online marketing budget reaching out to like minded individuals who value the content you have surrounded your website with (like blogs, social media, domain name match sites). 

Capturing the attention of the online reader is important when too many articles are awash with meaningless drivel.  This means there is a genuine opportunity for fresh content-driven copy writing for niche specific articles.  Newcastle Digital offers a comprehensive hand written article service.

The effort saved by targeting your search engine optimisation efforts to three or twelve key article topics, and then promoting them across the web as stand alone pages of interest, will generate a handsome legacy of linkjuice for your primary site.  SEO can be done in two week campaigns for $1000 – this gets you one the front page for your keywords.

For many enthused creatives, SEO starts a lifelong journey of research, entrepreneurship and personal development.  For others it is a drudge.  I love it and will deliver on what I offer.

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