On Page Optimization

How much information you include in your website should be determined by the amount of information required for the website visitor to make an informed decision and take action.

If you are selling a simple thing like scarves, you mightn't need a 12 page category rich catalogue - there is only so much you can say about your scarves.  Plus, after a visitor sees your work they will be either converted to a sale or bounce from your site.  You'll probably be perfectly suited to a three page site with plenty of images of your work and maybe three tightly written articles about you, your products and your vision.

On the other hand complex machinery or lengthy educational courses might offer a lot more detail and specifications.  This starts as a brochure but has many sub pages and categories highlighting the features and operation of the machinery.  Interactivity like video and interview testimonials would be genuinely worthwhile and not just showy add-ons.

The website should reflect the business in look and feel as much as the actual product or service being sold.

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